22. Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival Application


The main purpose of the festival:

- Create opportunities for audiences to engage in the work of women filmmakers ,
- Create opportunities for women filmmakers to interact with their audiences,
- Create opportunities fort he local, national and international filmmaking community
– including audiences, industry representatives and media
- To focus critically on the accomplishments of women in filmmaking industry,
- Showcase and celebrate the diversity of women working in screen-based media

1.1. 22th Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival will take place in 23-30 May, 2019 in Ankara.
1.2. All submission must have been completed after 1 November 2017, to be considered for the 2019 Flying Broom Film festival. There is no premiere policy for all categories.
1.3. To be eligible fort he festival, all films of each category (feature, documentary feature, narrative short, documentary short, animation) must be directed by a woman.
1.4. Selected films must provide a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) or video – Quicktime Uncompressed /H264.
1.5. Selected films will be shown in Turkish electronic subtitle. All foreign language films must contains english subtitles files.
1.6. All promotional materials of the films must be provided to the festival committee.

2. Delivery rules and deadline of promotional materials

2.1. The deadline of the submission is March 22, 2019 for electronic delivery of pre- qualification materials to the festival committee.
2.2. Applicants must provide the following materials.
- All films must be submitted as either an online screener, vimeo link for consideration by the selection commitee.
- Director's biography and director filmography
- Director’s photos/directors (300 dpi)
- Cast and crew list
- Stills
- Film poster (300 dpi))
- Press Kit
- Dialogue list with English subtitle list (if the film has no english subtittle)
2.3 With the submission the above mentioned material will not be return; the festival is
permitted to use the data provided fort he purpose of processing the festival and its achives.
2.4 The festival management has the right to exclude films that do not have the necessary technical and legal qualifications for the screening.

3. Selected movies

3.1. If selected to be showcased during the event, all screening copies must be received by April 22, 2019.
3.2. Film and director information to be published in the catalogue are on the initiative of the festival.
3.3. The catalogue information of the film will contain: Cast and crew including the production and distrubutor company, the name of the film both in Turkish and english, the country and the year of the production, lenght and format. br 3.4. Sufficient number of films press files that participating in the festival, should be delivered to the festival committee.
3.5. With the submission of the film, the festival is permitted to use the film title, credits and the name of the director as well as film stills and film excerpts (max. 3 mn) for general promotion within the framework of reporting on the festival (inc. Tv, web, cinema, Show reel)
3.6. The festival has the right to use every photo on its website to promote both the selected film and the entire program.
3.7. The festival management is the sole authority to decide on the screening of selected films.
3.8. No film may be withdrawn from the festival program after its selection.

4. Shipping

4.1. If film copies are sent from the source and delivered to the source, the freight will be paid by the festival. If the copy of the film is to be shared with another festival, only one-way freight will be provided by the festival.
4.2. The participants who send the film to the festival must notify the festival management by 15 April 2019 at the latest the address to which the copy will be sent back.
4.3. The festival is responsible for the insurance from the moment it reaches the hands of the film copies and until it is delivered to the transport company for repatriation. If the copy of the film is damaged or the copy is lost, the festival may be held liable for the amount stated in the producer's application form.
4.4. The Flying Broom is absolutely not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Senders are responsible for tracking their safely-packaged and insured shipments.

5. Conclusion

5.1. Participation in the festival means the full acceptance of these conditions. In any case not mentioned in this regulation, festival management is authorized to decide.

Nenehatun Avenue Şairler Street 7/4 Gaziosmanpaşa/Ankara
e-mail: festival@ucansupurge.org.tr