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Who Are We ?


Uçan Süpürge (Flying Broom) started to operate on 13th November 1996 as a non-profit organization. It acquired the status of association in 2009. Uçan Süpürge Foundation was established in 2017. The founders are Halime Güner, Sündüz Haşar, Sevinç Ünal, Elif Topkaya Sevinç and Ayşe Ürün Güner. 22 years ago, we took on this journey with our belief in the heritage of women and women organizations. Although it was not a profit organization, it has been managed for long years by the executive board composed of Yıldız Ecevit, Filiz Kardam and Halime Güner. Today we continue with the Uçan Süpürge Foundation, building upon the experience and heritage of the past years operating as a company and an association. ( Uçan Süpürge 20. Yıla Doğru ,
Uçan Süpürge Uluslararası Kadın Filmleri Festivali 20. Yıla Hazırlanıyor.
1990s were the years in which women organizations became institutionalized. Communication, cooperation and solidarity were the hotly-debated issues among women organizations in these very years. Uçan Süpürge emerged as a result of this requirement. Today, we are having hard times. We continue to witness femicide, sexual harassment against women and children, violence and injustice towards the defenders of rights and we see that there are compromises in the acquired rights of women in a variety of areas from working life to education. We find out that many women organizations are closed down. Therefore, we see that we need to get together again and strengthen organization against the forms of discrimination that confront us. We continue with our operations in the form of a new organization that aims to strengthen women, ensures gender equality in all areas of life, and creates a change for a world that is more just for all.
Uçan Süpürge has broken new grounds for organization of women numerous times so far. In 1997, when interaction among women organizations was very poor in Turkey, it facilitated the enhancement of such interaction by initiating Regional Meetings and paved the way for strengthening relationships and solidarity. It supported the communication among women organizations not only by traveling to each and every province to visit them, but also providing a publication thereof. Publication of Uçan Haber (Flying News) Journal, making local and national radio broadcast, providing consultancy for the TV program “Masalın Eksik Yüzü (Missing Face of Tale)” and some TV broadcast on TRT, Local Women Reporters Network, constantly updated web-site of Uçan Süpürge were among the operations that were carried out for the aim of strengthening communication among women organizations. In addition, A Guide of Women Organizations in Turkey was prepared as a result of a comprehensive research and made available to the civil society. ‘First Step’ project was launched to improve the dialogue between the public sector and civil society organizations for women. Women Organizations visited the provinces with the ‘From Walkways to Roads’ project that created joint study platforms for the Women Studies departments of universities in provinces and the local administrations. It brought the issue of Women Traces in Democracy to the Assembly. In the Assembly, it elected the CEDAW champions and worked with them. It brought together the Universities in Ankara and those in France and Bulgaria under the theme of ‘Youth Building Bridges’ in the European Union and discussed the Gender Equality. It has organized the meeting of national women civil society organizations for thee times. These include Beijing+5 meeting in 2000 with 149 women representatives of women organizations, 2 nd National NGO meeting in 2003 with 453 representatives of women organizations from 81 provinces,
3 rd National NGO meeting in 2013 and meetings with 600 representatives of women organizations from 81 provinces. We aimed to expand the horizon of the children with ‘My Madame Curie’ project particularly in professional planning as they were prepared for the future, especially to invalidate the misconception of stereotyped women’s professions
( From 2003, Uçan Süpürge brought the issues of children brides and early & forced marriages to the agenda of the state, as well as the operation areas of the women organizations. National platform of ‘NoToChildMarriages’ was established. It observed the operations in this field on-the-spot in Niger, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh and in many countries of Europe and it gained experience. It carried out operations in the Committee on Equality of Opportunity for Women and Men for establishing a sub-committee on early and forced marriages.
Uçan Süpürge International Women’s Film Festival, which is a first in Turkey, has screened films of the women directors, inviting women directors and actresses from all around the world every year and held Women Directors’ and Producers’ Meeting in Turkey, whereby continuing to establish a women’s network in this sector, strengthen their cooperation in communication and provide training sessions on gender equality. Uçan Süpürge met with 56 representatives of women organizations in 2018 in order to understand the current situation in women organizations better due to the low-spiritedness and demotivation in the recent years. Accordingly, it decided to continue its operations under the Uçan Süpürge Foundation from now on. It established the foundation with its own means. It held the 21 st festival with a broad network of volunteers. It developed the operational plans for 2019. Some of these operations include creating women studies network among universities, women’s film festival throughout the world meeting, bringing women directors and producers together and establishing their organizational network, visiting provinces and taking to the street to talk about “Provincial Action Plans against Early and Forced Marriages” and following up on meeting, as well as organizing joint meetings on the needs’ analysis and organization support of the women organizations. Uçan Süpürge continues with its operations with the support of volunteers in Şairler Sok. No: 7/4 GOP Çankaya.