1. General

1.1. The main purpose of the festival is reunite local and foreign women directors with
audiences; reevaluation of the cinema from feminist perspective and creation a
discussion platform for women's experiences and problems in this sector.
1.2. 22th Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival will take place in Ankara
between May 23-30, 2019.
1.3. The production date of the films will be applied must be dated 7 November 2017
and later. The films before the date of the construction 7 November 2017 will not
be accepted.
1.4. Long, documentary, short film and animation films may apply to the festival
provided that they are directed by the female director.
1.5. The format of films and digital works to be presented in the festival program must
be DCP or video (Quicktime Uncompressed or H264).
1.6. Selected films will be shown in Turkish electronic subtitle. Copies of long films must
be in English subtitles, and should be accompanied by a list of English dialogue in
order to be able to make English electronic subtitles.
1.7. All promotional materials of the films must be provided to the festival committee.

2. Delivery rules and dates of promotional materials

2.1. The deadline for electronic delivery of pre-qualification materials to the festival
committee is March 22, 2019.
2.2. Applicants must provide the following materials.
– The film to be uploaded to the sites, and the online display link must be sent.
(Youtube or Vimeo)
– Director's biography and director filmography
– Photo of directors/directors (300 dpi)
– Player and technical team list
– Photos from film (300 dpi)
– “Registration Certificate For The Works Of Cinema” fort he film (Scanned as PDF
or JPEG ))
– Film poster (300 dpi))
– Electronic Press file and other documents of the film (if any)
– Dialogue list and English subtitle list (if the copy of the presentation is not
2.3 The above mentioned materials will not be returned and will be presented to the
researchers in the festival archive.
2.4 The festival management has the right to exclude films that do not have the
necessary technical and legal qualifications for the screening.

3. Selected movies

3.1. The complete application form of the selected film to be used in the festival
catalogue and all the materials specified are delivered to the festival committee
together with the film itself at the latest on 22 April 2019. In order to avoid the
delay, it is recommended that materials be prepared and sent immediately when
the acceptance of a film to the festival is finalized. The responsibility for incomplete
or incorrect information in the materials provided does not belong to the festival.
3.2. Articles to be published in the catalogue are on the initiative of the festival.
3.3. As a general rule, catalog information of films will consist of the following: Technical and
artistic credits: name of the film in Turkish and English, production country, format, year of
production, duration, director, production company, distributor and actors.
3.4. Sufficient number of films that participating in the festival, should be delivered to the
festival committee.
3.5. A maximum of 3-minute images of films accepted for the festival program can be used to
be shown on national or international television channels for the promotion of the festival.
3.6. The festival has the right to use every photo on its website to promote both the selected
film and the entire program.
3.7. The festival management is the sole authority to decide on the screening of selected films.
3.8. Films accepted to the festival cannot be withdrawn the program after April 15, 2019.

4. For the transport of the film

4.1. If film copies are sent from the source and delivered to the source, the freight will
be paid by the festival. If the copy of the film is to be shared with another festival,
only one-way freight will be provided by the festival.
4.2. The participants who send the film to the festival must notify the festival
management by 15 April 2019 at the latest the address to which the copy will be
sent back.
4.3. The festival is responsible for the insurance from the moment it reaches the hands
of the film copies and until it is delivered to the transport company for repatriation.
If the copy of the film is damaged or the copy is lost, the festival may be held liable
for the amount stated in the producer's application form.

5. Conclusion

5.1. Participation in the festival means the full acceptance of these conditions. In any
case not mentioned in this regulation, festival management is authorized to





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