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Flying Broom started life on November 13, 1996 as a profit-free company. In 2009, she earned the status of association. In 2017, the Flying Broom Foundation was established. Foundation founders are Halime Güner, Sündüz Haşar, Sevinç Ünal, Elif Topkaya Sevinç and Ayşe Ürün Güner. 22 years ago we started our journey with our belief in the accumulation of women and women's organizations. Today we continue as the Flying Broom Foundation and we are on the experience and accumulation of years we have worked as a company and association. In the 90s the institutionalization of women's organizations was a necessity and the organizing of the women's movement took place at the request of women. Today we go through hard times again. We continue to live on injustices against women's murders, sexual harassment, violence, violation of rights againts defenders of women and children, and we see that backward steps have been taken in women's acquired rights as much as working life and education. So we have to come together again and remember our actions. We must create change in which women are empowered, gender equality is provided in all areas of life, and that they have a fair world for all. For this, we want to increase interaction and communication between women's organizations as we have done since the beginning, to give direction to local, national and international studies and to raise awareness in the field of gender inequality. As we go through the age of 25, we are on the experience and accumulation of years we have worked as a company and association. Flying Broom has made many firsts in the organization of women until today. In 1997, the Regional Meeting was held when the interaction was very weak between women's organizations in Turkey to increase further this dialogue, it created an environment to strengthen the relations and cooperation. These meetings continued for many years with the projects "We Build Bridges" and "First Step". Since its establishment, it has become the meeting place of various women's organizations and hosted KADER when Ankara branch was founded. In 1998 we launched the first International Women's Film Festival in Turkey. Starting with 'Cat's Language' and 'Missing Face of the Fairy Tale', there were many programs on TRT and special radio programs aiming for strengthening women. We established one of the first web pages to give news about women and increase participation in the women's movement. We published Flying News Magazine. To create local network of correspondents all over Turkey gave trainings to the local reporters . We played a leading role in the entry of early marriage issue on Turkey's agenda and made extensive studies to solve this problem.



The Flying Broom efforts to empower women and to share experiences has always been massive. We went several times to the 81 cities of Turkey. We tried to spread the women's movement in Turkey. The CEDAW Forum the 2nd National NGO meeting was held and provided the participation of 453 women from 81cities. After an extensive research we prepared Women Organizations’s Directory for the use of civil society organizations. As the Flying Broom Foundation, we are on our way again today. We would like to read together the thoughts, needs and determinations of women's organizations of today's realities. Because we need each other. We've done it before, we have to do it again. We want to involve university students with women's perspectives and problems. We aim to share achievements of women's movement achieved up to now with the students and to raise awareness on violence, legal rights, representation inequality, visibility, production and creation, and many other issues. We aim to come together with the help of culture and art. We have been organizing the Flying Broom International Women's Films Festival since the year 1997. We have held the 20th anniversary with 20 women and 20 women's organizations of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The festival is 21 years old this year and will be 22 next year ... In the same seasons, we continue to fly for different colors, different dreams ...



Toplumsal cinsiyet eşitliğinin sağlanması ve kadınların güçlenmesine yönelik feminist düşünce ,eylem ve politikaların yaygınlaşması için çalışmak ,bu doğrultuda ulusal ve uluslararası örgütlenme girişimlerini desteklemek, alanın bilgisini özgün araştırmalarla zenginleştirmektir.


Kadınların güçlendiği, toplumsal cinsiyet eşitliğinin hayatın her alanında sağlandığı, herkes için adil bir dünyaya kavuşmak için değişim yaratmaktır.


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